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The new CCITS Group

The new CCITS Group

Dear Friends of CCITS,


We have some very exciting news to share with you all today! As of Thursday 20th September 2018, CCITS is now an official partner of MCRS USA. As a result of this partnership, both companies are now able to provide our existing and new customers with even better deals, enhanced support and an overall better experience!


It gets better though! Thanks to our new partnership, a new company has been formed!

yourMSP is a new project between CCITS UK and MCRS USA to help ensure that our customers get the best experience possible for whatever it is they need!

yourMSP will now be responsible for all technical support queries, network management contracts, service management and much more! This means that CCITS is now exclusively our website design, website management, and email & website hosting branch of the CCITS Group. If you are an existing CCITS customer who has a contract for anything other than the four aforementioned services we now provide, you will soon be contacted by your Sales Representative so that we can migrate you to the new yourMSP platform, and get you set up with our new systems!


For more information regarding the yourMSP company, you should keep checking up on the website:


The new yourMSP support portal for both existing and new UK clients can be found here:

This support portal can be used to make service requests, report faults, request software installations and policy changes, contact Sales and much much more!


We hope that everyone likes and can benefit from these exciting new changes happening in the CCITS Group!


All the best,

Callum Corrigan



yourMSP is not exclusively owned by CCITS UK. It is a joint partnership between CCITS UK & MCRS USA. In the UK, yourMSP will be referred to as part of the CCITS Group and in the USA it will be referred to as part of the MCRS Group. During your contract, you will have full access to services offered by both the USA and UK branches of the company, where geographical restrictions permit. For enquiries please contact [email protected]