Cogent Media

Who is “Cogent Media”?

Cogent Media is an alias of Callum Corrigan and is not a company or registered UK Business. All income generated through “Cogent Media” is declared to still declared to HMRC as freelance work.

Who is “we” or “our team”?

These terms refer to a set of UK individuals who are approved by and will complete infrequent work for Cogent Media in return for financial renumeration. They are not “employees” as Cogent Media is not a company. They are required to report any income from Cogent Media as per UK law. At times when we are experiencing higher than usual workloads, some work may be handed to freelancers on “Fiver” to ensure we keep to production deadlines.

Guarentees & Warranties of Work

Cogent Media aims to provide ongoing support to all clients for as long as is originaly agreed and in line with per-client SLAs. However, these terms and SLAs can be altered without consultation at any time by Cogent Media with 7 days written notice provided to the client. This will only happen in situations where there is no alternative option available to Cogent Media.

Client Data

We store client data on a number of first and third party services. The main third party we use is Indemandly who provide our live chat and contact forms. For information on the data we hold on you, to withdraw consent or any other data protection queries, please use the “Get in touch” button and submit a request. We will get back to you with an acknowledgement immediately and then within 7 working days with an answer to or result of your query.