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Can I disable comments on my Facebook Page?

Can I disable comments on my Facebook Page?

In short, no, but yes…

While there is no official way to do this from Facebook, there is quite an effective workaround. In this document, we will explain how to perform this workaround to hide all comments from your Facebook Page unless you approve them (which you don’t have to!)

Step One

Navigate to your Facebook Page on your computer:

Step Two

Click Settings in the top right of the window:

Step Three

Scroll Down until you can see an option called “Page Moderation:

Step Four

Click here to download a list of the most common words.

Step Five

Navigate back to the Facebook page settings, and click “Edit” next to “Page Moderation”.

You should then click ‘Upload from .CSV’:

Click “Save Changes”

And that’s it! You’re done! What we’ve just done is told Facebook that you don’t want any of the most common words in the English dictionary to be allowed to be commented on your page, in essence, disabling all comments! The comments will still appear as normal for the person who commented, but for you, and everyone else, they will be hidden. This allows you then to review your comments section regularly and manually unhide any comments you wish to be public, whilst still hiding any other comments.