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Dear Friends of CCITS,   We have some very exciting news to share with you all today! As of Thursday 20th September 2018, CCITS is now an official partner of MCRS USA. As a result of this partnership, both companies are now able to provide our existing and new customers with even better deals, enhanced support and an overall better experience!   It gets better though! Thanks to our new partnership, a new company has been formed! yourMSP is a new project between CCITS UK and MCRS USA to help ensure that our customers get the best experience possible for whatever it is they need! yourMSP will now be responsible for all technical support queries, network management contracts, service management and much more! This means that CCITS is now exclusively our website design, website management, and email & website hosting branch of the CCITS Group. If you are an existing CCITS customer…

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In short, no, but yes… While there is no official way to do this from Facebook, there is quite an effective workaround. In this document, we will explain how to perform this workaround to hide all comments from your Facebook Page unless you approve them (which you don’t have to!) Step One Navigate to your Facebook Page on your computer: Step Two Click Settings in the top right of the window: Step Three Scroll Down until you can see an option called “Page Moderation: Step Four Click here to download a list of the most common words. Step Five Navigate back to the Facebook page settings, and click “Edit” next to “Page Moderation”. You should then click ‘Upload from .CSV’: Click “Save Changes” And that’s it! You’re done! What we’ve just done is told Facebook that you don’t want any of the most common words in the English dictionary to be…

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In this document, we will go over how you can switch your local Windows 10 account to a Microsoft Account in Windows 10 build 1803. CCITS Clients: Step One: Login to Windows 10 Step Two: Open the Start Menu and locate the “Your Info” tile. Once located, click it to open                       Step Three: Click the “Sign in with a Microsoft Account instead” link                             Step Four: Follow the instructions in the window that appears, either entering your existing Microsoft Account details or creating a new one                             Non-CCITS Clients: Step One: Login to Windows 10                       Step Two: Open the Start Menu and click the Settings icon  …

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  Website Hosting – More Info: Domain Registrar Price Checker: (see below for instructions) Email Hosting Product Page:

Well, you can, but there are some things you need to know. YOU can’t delete a single review; only Facebook can do that. But you can disable reviews from your business page. The catch here is, it eliminates check-ins and the map as well. But that is not important for businesses like schools or service area organisations such as roofers or plumbers. Facebook users will continue to see your business listing. Follow the instructions below on how to disable and or turn off the reviews on your Facebook page: Open on your desktop or laptop (does not work on mobile) Navigate to your Facebook Business page Click on “Settings” at the top. On the left-hand side click “Edit Page.” Next click on “Reviews.” Now move the slider “Show Reviews” to the “OFF” position and click save changes. Disabling will NOT cause any reviews to be deleted. It will only hide…

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As of 19:15 on Wednesday 29th August 2018, CCITS has decided to move away from our previous purple colour scheme. Our new colour scheme, which will be reflected in all documentation and our websites is BLUE! This colour was selected by a small group of CCITS marketing employees, with the help of some of our longest standing clients!   We hope that you all love the fresh colour scheme as much as we do!

Keep an eye on the Newsboard section of our website for exciting news, competitions and general updates from the CCITS team!